Ancillary services: optional services available at an extra cost (e.g. premium seats, priority boarding, checked or excess baggage for air travel, and breakfast and Wi-Fi for hotel stays)

Beacons: very small devices that transmit small packets of data using Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology

Billback: a payment option allowing corporate clients to receive consolidated invoices from their travel management company weekly, bi-weekly or monthly for hotel stays or conference/meetings booked by travelers through travel counselors

Big Data: a broad term for data sets so large or complex that traditional data processing applications are inadequate

Digital payment solutions: consumer-focused mobile payment technologies (e.g. Apple Pay and Google Wallet) and virtual credit cards (e.g. CWT’s virtual payment solution powered by Conferma)

New distribution capability (NDC): a new standard launched by IATA to transform the way air products are sold to customers, providing transparent access to full content, including ancillary products and services

Multichannel approach: providing the same features, business rules and content (air, hotel, car, consumer services) across multiple channels (e.g. enabling a traveler to start a reservation through one channel and modify or cancel it through any other channel without having to start over)

Near-field communications (NFC): wireless technology that enables devices to communicate and activate services

Power app: a mobile application that offers numerous key functions in one (e.g. air, ground and hotel booking features in a single TMC app)

Quick response (QR) code: a type of two-dimensional barcode

Sharing economy: a new business model built on technology-driven social networks that facilitate the exchange of goods and services between individuals

Virtual credit cards: a system of single-use card numbers enabling users to charge certain items to their companies (like a lodge card that can be used with a wider number of suppliers, including hotels and low-cost airlines)

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