Tap into mobile service:

managed travel in the digital economy
A global study on mobile travel solutions and the managed travel program


By nature, travelers are mobile and often early adopters of new technology. But how fast are they adopting mobile travel apps, and how well are their expectations being met? What impact are the latest solutions having on managed travel programs, and how can companies best manage the risks and opportunities? These are some of the questions answered in this in-depth research.

The market is ready and waiting for specific mobile technology to enhance the travel experience, by providing travelers with continuous access to service, as well as adding to the services available at every stage of the travel process.

While the sky may be the limit in terms of potential new features, some of the services travelers and travel managers consider most useful are already on the market, especially flight status updates and itinerary information apps. Other services will follow soon, including much-awaited corporate mobile booking.

As suppliers further develop their offerings to better satisfy emerging demands, travel managers need to act fast to guide travelers toward the right devices and tools, playing a key role in the decision-making process for mobile policy in their companies. Most of the surveyed travel managers say they plan to introduce guidelines in the next two years to help their travelers make the most of mobile technology in a managed travel environment.

Above all, this research highlights a striking consensus between travelers and travel managers about the positive impact mobile can have. With the right approach, mobile services can clearly complement the solutions already in place and boost the objectives of any managed travel program.

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